Thursday, September 20, 2018

Matthew Mark Luke and John

I’m not a photographer but these iPhones 
Make it fun to capture a moment
I have thousands of photos 
From my random travels

Photos are a great way to break up blog content
I like scenic shots
 I rarely take selfies
I’d never get anything done if I did

The best moments are not captured
Breathing in crisp, clean mountain air
Soaking in the hot springs
Neck deep in mineral water

Driving along winding roads
The setting sun casting a golden light
After a creative day
New ideas forming

When you begin a new venture
With a goal in mind
Don’t get down when 
It shifts directions

I accidentally changed alignment settings
And this post has turned into 
A weird looking poem
That has no rhythm 

But I like it, so I’m keeping it
Writing is a daily practice 
I’ve formed a habit
I like spending my days doing what I enjoy 

Luckily what I like to do is legal 
I suppose not everyone should follow their bliss 
Speaking of bliss
What's with the title?

My fingers are talking
Pieces of my past show up 
Inserting themselves into my writing
Funny how that happens. 

Embrace the silly. 


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper
Almost an Author
Former Fantastic Violinist 

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