Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The Awkward Infertile

Hello, Bitchy Readers! 

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Casey, aka The Awkward Infertile, as our first guest blogger. Read her wonderful post below! 

Sometimes the choice to be childfree isn’t a direct path. I know most of the readers in the Bitchy Bookkeeper community have never had the desire to have kids and I commend you for knowing that. I’m here for a slightly different demographic today. Those that thought they wanted kids but ended up without (and those sitting on the fence might appreciate this too). Often we refer to ourselves as “childfree not by choice.”

That’s the category I fit in. My husband and I went through a ton of failed fertility treatments and after 3+ years, 4 losses, and an obscene amount of money we decided to move on in life childfree not by choice. It’s been just shy of 2 years since we made that decision and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

First, I want to take a second and talk about the “childfree not by choice” label. 

You see this term a lot in the infertility communities as a way to acknowledge we can’t have kids. I recently started an Instagram community called The Awkward Infertile. In one of my posts I mentioned I’m childfree not be choice and immediately got a commenter saying that’s not a thing, I’m just childless. Which is also true, I am childless just like ya’ll. We use this term to show that it’s ok to end treatments without a kid. That maybe we didn’t choose to be childfree, but we’re ok with it. 

Childless implies loss and sadness. 

Childfree implies freedom and fun. 

Childfree not be choice implies I didn’t outright pick this but I’m gonna love life despite it.

I found Bitchy Bookkeeper on Instagram when we were getting near the end of our treatment options and I was rapidly facing a life without kids. I found humor and reassurance that life would be just fine without kids. I know I’m not the only infertile that follows her either.

As I followed her and others in the childfree community something clicked for me:

Having kids vs not having kids isn’t an equation of a better vs worse life. They are just two completely different paths.

Once that really settled into my brain I became so much more at ease, and dare I say, excited about not having kids. Sure, I still grieve my miscarriages and wonder about the life we’d planned. But now we have 2 amazing dogs, I run 2 businesses I love, and we’re looking at doing a cross-country move simply because we can.

There are different freedoms and life options that come from not deciding things with tiny humans to consider.

The house we currently live in was picked thinking we’d have 3 kids and we wanted to raise them in this town. I doubt we would have bought this house if we knew we were never having kids. The freedom for me to build my businesses, nap and play with my dogs as I work from home, and for us to pick a new city to move to all would not be possible if infertility treatments had worked for us.

The grand point I’m trying to make is life will be ok no matter the outcome. If you’re still on the fence about having kids, or if you’re neck-deep in infertility treatments looking for hope when treatment options run out, I’m here to tell you: life without kids is good. 

As I have learned to embrace our childfree life, I realize there are not a lot of resources for those in the infertility world that either don’t end up with a baby or that mostly focused on the grief.

I want to create a space and voice for those women who made the choice to be childfree after having had other plans. I want to create a space where we can also celebrate and enjoy the perks of a childfree life. That’s my hope and plans for The Awkward Infertile

I know myself and my community don’t straight up fit in around here, but I’m so thankful to LeNora for letting me write this post. Sometimes the choice to be childfree isn’t a clear-cut decision we’ve known our whole lives, and that’s ok. Even if it took you a while to find yourself here it’s still gonna be a great life. 

 If you’ve struggled with infertility, are now childfree not by choice, or nearing the end of treatment options, please follow me over at I’m just a DM away.

Cheers to being childfree.

aka The Awkward Infertile

The Bitchy Bookkeeper Journal Vol 1 - available on Amazon now!
Thank you, Casey, for sharing your story. I'm humbled that you found some inspiration from The Bitchy Bookkeeper during a challenging time. 

Let's keep the conversation going, Bitchy Readers. Share this post on social, connect with The Awkward Infertile, and submit your own childfree journey story.

Guest post submissions can be sent to 

info at lenorafaye dot com

Chat soon, 

LeNora Faye
The Bitchy Bookkeeper

Monday, January 13, 2020

Seeking Childfree Voices

HAPPY 2020, Bitchy Readers! 

I feel a deep sense of relief. 2019 was the most emotionally challenging year I've had in a long time. By comparison, 2020 already feels like the best party ever. Ha! 

I've received a lot of emails from mommy bloggers who obviously have no idea what this blog is about. They keep pitching me ideas like "how to survive the holidays with young children without going batshit crazy!"

One mom pitched me ideas on what to do when you have two or three hours away from your kids. (This is what being childfree means to parents.)

I now have a ready-made email that I send in response to such requests:

 " Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your content is not relevant to my readers as they have chosen NOT to have children."

Each mom responds: "Thank you for letting me know."

I suppose they see the word "child" in "childfree" and assume my blog is about motherhood???

Anyhow, all of this got me to thinking about opening up my platform to others who wish to speak about their childfree experience. Not everyone wants to have their own blog and writing can feel intimidating. 

The Bitchy Bookkeeper Journal Vol 2 available on Amazon! 

It only feels right, as I build The Bitchy Bookkeeper into a recognized childfree brand, that I give space to other voices.

I also extend the invitation to anyone who has wanted children but cannot have them or has changed their mind about wanting them. Uplifting stories of how you are designing your life without children.

Perhaps you are a parent who felt pressured into having kids.

Posts can be anonymous or not. No need to be a professional writer.  The intent is to open the doors of expression. 

Contrary to the name, the Bitchy Bookkeeper isn't a mean brand. The point is to be entertaining and bring positive awareness to the childfree community. 

If you are happily childfree, on the fence, an antinatalist with heart, or turning tragedy into triumph, your submissions are welcome. 

I'm not looking for hate speech against children or parents. 

I mean yes, I detest the sound of crying babies. I rarely believe the fluffy, smiling social media posts of picture-perfect families. But, there are plenty of places on the internet for you to complain about that. This blog isn't one of them. 

The end game: content that demonstrates living a satisfying life without birthing/raising children. 

Submissions can be emailed to 

info at lenorafaye dot com   

Up next, the first guest post! 

Chat soon, 

LeNora Faye

The Bitchy Bookkeeper

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

3 Tips For Childfree Living

Hey there, Bitchy Readers!

*Morgan Freeman’s voice*  “Imagine a life where your dreams & goals get top billing. A life that satisfies you on a deeper level. And even though people question your choice and diaper commercials annoy you, you feel at peace.”

Before I was a 36 yr old confidently-childfree woman, I was an 18 yr old girl who wasn't interested in motherhood. 


But I didn't yet know that I had a choice. 

Obsessed with my violin, I had a car, an apartment & freedom. 

But in the back of my mind, I could hear all the clich├ęs:

"You haven't met the right man yet!" 

"You'll change your mind about motherhood once you have your first kid"

"Be fruitful and multiply"

"Graduate, go to university, get married, have babies, be a MOM. That's what everybody does."

So what's a girl to do?

childfree journal Vol 1

Tip #1 Focus on your freedom. 
Here's the thing... the more content you are, the happier you are, the better choices you make. 

But when life sucks and it's a struggle to slog from one day to the next, you have to find something that lifts your spirits.

And I don't mean heroin. 

Maybe it's cuddling your pet.

In those early days of adulthood when I didn't have a lot of money and wifi wasn't a thing, I'd take my journal or a book and go sit in the park across from my basement apartment.   

I’d write down all that bothered me. All that I hoped for. All that made me proud at that moment. 

My sole focus was on making a name for myself as a local performer and violin teacher. I was also working at a part-time insurance job.

My love for being independent carried me through my tumultuous 20s. 

Even when I found myself living with roommates and working at a job that wasn't creatively fulfilling. 

I realized it was temporary and so I kept aiming higher.

I made the most out of what I had. This led to better opportunities. 

Like co-creating the Childfree Girls web-series!

                                       A shot from our hilarious Halloween episode!

Whatever age & stage of life you are at, there will be some form of freedom that you have right now that you wouldn't have if you had kids.

There is also great freedom in knowing you don't want kids. The time & energy needed to search for a baby daddy/mama can be used on building your dream life. 

Tip #2   Be comfortable on your own.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have many childfree friends, IRL.

Some of my close friends don’t have kids but consider them a future possibility. 

I’m a busy girl and I’m friends with busy, successful people.

I’ve known most of them since childhood. Over the years, we’ve all moved to different cities, created our own lives and somehow stayed in touch. 

Since I prefer to travel solo and don’t enjoy group activities, I love that my friends are scattered around. 

I don’t feel obligated to spend my weekends going out. 

It’s OK to say “no” and do your thing. Sometimes, circumstances force you to. 

Especially when your best friend gets pregnant and going out for chicken wings & beer on Wednesday nites is no longer an option.

It turns out, there is a super-cool person who is dying to be your best friend. 



Get to know this person. Hell, self-help books talk about falling in love with yourself...why not?

All my life I’ve been told I’m loud and talk a lot. 

Both are true. 

But instead of feeling bad about it, I realize this is a gift for me to use.

Pair this with my love for being childfree and LOOK OUT society! 

I get to spend my days talking about this way of life. And I’m making a lot of new friends at the same time.

When you are comfortable being on your own, you stop placing expectations on people to make you happy.

When you are comfortable on your own, you don't sit around wishing for someone to whisk you away. You book your own ticket to paradise. 

Tip #3 - Share your story with the childfree community. 

OK, so you’re not a loudmouth like I am. You don’t want to tell the world, yet, that you don’t want kids.


maybe you’re ready to shout from the rooftops.

Sharing your decision to not have kids, whether it be to one person or 1000, is powerful

My close family and friends have known for years that I'm not having kids. But for me, that conversation wasn't enough.

I wanted... needed to see more stories about others who chose not to have kids. 

There had to be someone out there who didn't want to become a parent and DIDN'T become a parent.

Sometimes you have to make the first move. 

I started blogging to no one. 

The more I wrote, the more I sought out other childfree people online.

Facebook-not my fave but it helped build my blog audience.

Instagram—a happier experience and my fave way to connect with the childfree community.

Twitter—hit & miss but that’s how I met one of my Childfree Girls co-hosts.

You never know what opportunities will come your way as you speak out about your childfree journey.

If being public isn’t your jam...write to yourself. 

Childfree Journals are perfect for that. No judgement and they are entertaining AF!

There is one final thing I’d like to mention.


You don’t have to come out the gate with a perfectly tailored social media page or a polished podcast. 

Start small. Start simple. It’s going to take a minute to find your style. I’m constantly evolving mine. 

But all the little things add up. 

18 months go by and you realize you have a decent foundation. 

And then, onwards & upwards. With a minor crash here and there. 

I’m cheering you on! 

Have a lovely day.


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Actually an Author
Former Fantastic Violinist 

For links to web series, journals, website or to email me, 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Daily Childfree Life

Hi there, Bitchy Readers.

I know my blog has been sparse this summer. Unlike Summer of 2018 where all I did was write from a lake cabin. 

That’s the great thing about making progress on your goals. New opportunities show up just as you’re about to pack a suitcase.

As a lot of you know, I stayed in the city to work round the clock on some awesome childfree projects. 

The journals are now selling in 14 countries on all Amazon marketplaces. In Japan, one of the volumes is listed under the Occult section. Not sure why...

So now, another goal is to be the top-selling author of the Occult section on Amazon Japan. 

Can we make this happen?!!?! 


Childfree Journals website
Childfree Journals

I’ve also been making peace with how I look on webcam. 

Co-hosting the Childfree Girls web-series is a lot of fun. I’m not nearly the nervous wreck about it as we've now shot 5 episodes.  

I do take a long time to do my hair and makeup, however.

And then with the lighting in my office, it barely makes a difference. Except I can tell I’m wearing mascara. 

I’m quite vain. 

Passion, not babies, gets me out of bed

In previous lifetimes, waking up at 6 in the morning was not going to happen. I'd stay up until 3 practicing my violin. 

I now approach my day with a new strategy. 

You see, I'm excited to wake up each morning. Because I'm building something that I believe in.

Don't get me wrong, I have days where I'd rather chill in front of the TV and do nothing. 

But the thought of creating something that contributes to the childfree community excites me more than sleeping in does. 

I'm super new to brand building and it's not for the faint of heart. For me, this is no longer a side hustle. I don't think it ever was a side hustle. I only began this a year ago. 

I spend 18 hours a day working on The Bitchy Bookkeeper, which includes Childfree Journals & Childfree Girls. 

How the hell do you do that?!?

I made the decision to invest my own money into this venture. No backers, no crowdfunding. I haven't sunk a lot of money into this. Probably $1000 at most.

I've learned how to do most everything myself to save costs and because I love learning how to bring my vision to life. 

I used the money I had to pay my rent so I could dedicate my time solely to this venture.

This is a scary thing to do when you have no guarantees. Way out of my comfort zone. 

But it feels right, you know?

I break my day into 4 parts. 

6AM-NOON - Social media content for 12 accounts. Yes, 12!  I also listen to 2 or 3 motivational business podcasts, do some journaling + 30 minutes of stretching/basic bad yoga and make coffee. 

NOON-6PM - Personal errands, writing, meetings/recording with my Childfree Girls co-hosts. And brunch. 

6PM-MIDNIGHT - Brainstorming ideas, editing articles & captions for the next days digital content. Oh, and I usually make a nice supper. Sometimes I watch a movie if I need to turn my brain off. 

The remaining six hours, I sleep.

7 days a week. 

I live in a big city and don't really socialize. I'm in a phase where I love staying home and creating stuff so I rarely notice it's the weekend. 

I keep my house tidy. As I live alone and am petfree this is easy enough to do. 

On the days when I record with Childfree Girls, my bedroom, closet & ensuite are a mess. Clothes, makeup, hair products galore. 

I love mascara and lip gloss, that's usually adequate for my makeup routine. But since I'm vain and on camera, I do everything except contour. I have no patience for that. 

My biggest thing is that I have super oily, intolerant skin so I pile on the shine-control powder.

Then I wash my face with the only cleanser my dermatologist will allow me to use. 

Every room in my house has note pads, journals, pens & pencils. I brainstorm all the time. 

I cannot think of another time in my life where I've felt so creatively inspired and fulfilled. OK, that is not true. My days as a violin teacher and performer had me feeling this way quite often. 

However, I enjoy the process of creating so much more now. In my teens and 20s, I was so focused on the future, I rarely took a minute to enjoy the process. 

In my 30s, I'm as hungry as ever to achieve but I also enjoy my daily life. I love this decade of my life more than the previous two.  

Probably because I live alone in a lovely townhouse with 3 bathrooms.

That's always been my dream. Ha!

Staying motivated on low-energy days.

Yesterday, for example, was a low-energy day for me. I wanted to pull the covers over my head and sleep until noon. 

I manage social media for Childfree Girls. We have our daily group message meetings to brainstorm, which usually begin at 3:30 AM my time. 

We all live in different countries & time zones. 

Right now, the other co-hosts are traveling, so I'm holding down the fort. I could have slept in but I made the commitment to post on social every morning. 

I've been so consistent with it now for months that I've formed a habit. Muscle memory takes over on the days where I'm feeling less than inspired. 

I really appreciated that habit yesterday. I did everything from my bed. For all 12 accounts. 

I slogged through my day, replying to messages, working on ideas and running errands. 

I went to visit a friend to get a hug because I really needed one.  I had a nice supper, watched a movie and was in bed by midnight. 

Today... I'm back on the energy wagon. With results from the previous day's work. 

I'm learning to appreciate the lessons of those low energy days. I used to get so stressed out about them. 

But now, I look around my house, grateful that I've made this space creative and non-judgemental. I'm allowed to feel whatever I need to feel. And then move on with my day. 

It takes effort to form strong habits that help you with your goals. 

Each day I add to what I've started. Even when I don't think what I have to say will help anyone. 

I've had so much doubt with this blog, even as I write this. But I always ask myself 

" Six months from now, how will my actions today help this brand?"

It's going to take 6 months to see results for the journals. And for the web series. 

I see how things have progressed with this blog in 12 months. That is what keeps me motivated. 

The messages I get from other women on social media who resonate with some of the content I share: a huge motivator. 

I have no idea who is going to see what I post. 

You start with what you have from where you are. Whatever you need to help you grow will show up. 

July 2018, I had an idea and went for it. I knew a fraction of what I know now. And in a year from now, I'll know so much more than I know now. 

I'll look at this post on Sept 12, 2020, and think..

"wow, I knew nothing."

I hope this post inspires you to take the leap. Get started on your idea. You don't have to know everything. 

Clarity happens over time. 

I tweak my website once a week at least. My social media is always evolving. 

When you get discouraged, just think of the difference a year makes. Little things add up. Ok, I could add 17 more cliches. You get the idea. Just go do it. 

Have a lovely day. 


LeNora Faye
The Bitchy Bookkeeper
Actually an Author
Former Fantastic Violinist

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy International Childfree Day

Good Day, Bitchy Readers!

Happy International Childfree Day!  (August 1)

Did you know this was an actual day? This is relatively new info to me as well. 

It seems only fitting that I make the following two announcements. If you follow me on social media, they will come as no surprise. 


 (On Instagram @childfreejournals)

A new series of paperback journals designed for the childfree community. Volume 1 & 2 now available on most Amazon marketplaces. 

Just type The Bitchy Bookkeeper into the search bar. Be sure to select your country's Amazon page for best shipping rates. 

The link above takes you to my website where you can see more details about the journal. Amazon gives you a sneak peek inside as well. 

I've been journaling for 24 years now and own 21 journals. In the back of my mind, I always loved the idea of creating my own brand of journals but it seemed like a pipedream. 

June 23rd- I felt a bolt of inspiration. I didn't tell anyone. I was going to see if creating a childfree-themed journal was possible. 

3 weeks later, I had a proof copy in my hands. 

July 21st- Journal # 1 became available on Amazon and started selling. Journal 2 was published a few days later. 

August 1- I've had a handful of messages from women who are loving their new journals!

Journal # 3 is in production right now. 

Covers 1 & 2 make me laugh. The invoice fine print!!

Volume 2-dedicated to all the childfree women I’ve met in real life and online. 


139 lined pages with watermark, for your thoughts, rants, and dreams. 

11 pages with unique quotes about being childfree. Each volume has a different set of quotes. 

I share 11 personal stories to entertain you throughout the journal as well. Each volume as different stories.


A new vlog for the childfree community. The first episode airs on YouTube August 11th.

CHILDFREE GIRLS YouTube  —Episodes will be posted as of Aug 11th.


Isabel (Colombia) 
Kristen (USA)
LeNora (Canada)

All of this has been the result of 18 hour-days for the month of July. And a year’s worth of little things that seemed questionable at the time.

So, keep dreaming big, Bitchy Readers. Don’t discount the small steps. It will make sense later why you even bothered.

Have a lovely day.

LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Actually an Author (Yay I can say this now!)
Former Fantastic Violinist 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Bitchy Bookkeeper Turns 1!

Good day, Bitchy Readers!

It has been a year since I began writing about being childfree. I created this blog as a way for me to speak freely about my decision. 

My original idea was to write about three topics--money, celebrities, and the childfree lifestyle. 

I have this printed on the back of my business card. Handy for when someone asks me if I plan on having children. 

I still discuss money and celebrities from time to time. 

However, writing about being childfree-by-choice has opened up a new level of living, for me.

Before creating The Bitchy Bookkeeper, I felt like an outsider when socializing. 
(My small social circle aside.) ⇐That's a tongue twister. 

Most of the women I know are mothers or have the desire to become mothers, eventually.

Scores of mommy-blogs and parenting lifestyle tips flood my social media feeds. 

Someone needs to create an algorithm for the childfree!

Instagram collab with author Kristen Tsetsi

I've spent 12 months exploring ways to create relevant childfree content. I've funded this myself, which is an incredibly scary thing.

Every day, I ask the Universe....

"umm.. is there anything else I should be doing? Because it looks like I'm sitting around doing arts and crafts all day."

In reality, I'm having fun with it. The bills are paid, so who cares if I don't have a "normal" job. I spent 12 years as a self-employed violin instructor and performer. No one expects me to have a normal job.

I worked for 6 years as an office manager and my work circumstances weren't normal either.

Bottom line-I don't do normal.

My feelings about not having/raising children have grown into a passion for connecting with other like-minded women.

It's no secret that I love my alone time. I live alone. I travel alone. I do most of my activities alone.

I embrace my solitude. I rarely go out of my way to seek new friends. 

I've gotten to know other CF women who are creating products and services designed for the childfree community. (I’ll share three of my favorite discoveries in a moment.)

It's easy to think " Oh, they're my competition" but that is not the case.

We all have our individual style and approach to sharing our message. I find value in what they share. Hopefully, some of them find value in what I share. 

We come from different parts of the world. 
Being a childfree woman in Canada isn't the same as being a childfree woman in the United States. 

For example-

Women have access to free basic health care, including abortions, here in Canada. I can go visit my doctor without worrying about the cost. I took this for granted until I learned what some other women are dealing with.

My point is that we each have stories of value to offer the childfree community. This helps spur on appropriate action for change. 

Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

The Bitchy Bookkeeper is a brand that supports the childfree & pro-choice communities.

Its purpose is to entertain and inspire. 

I keep my website and blog free of ads and pop-ups. I appreciate the need to monetize. As a woman who loves having her own money, I’m all for generating income.

But, I also want my Bitchy Readers to keep coming back. 

This summer I will be introducing the first Bitchy-Bookkeeper-brand product. It’s being tested out first in real life because it’s an actual physical product. 

This will be the first item for sale that results in The Bitchy Bookkeeper earning cash money.

From time to time I will also mention other childfree products & services.

Not as a way to generate income for me, but as a way to support other childfree women who are creating things of a certain quality.

By that, I mean the item resonates with me and aligns with The Bitchy Bookkeeper's intent to inspire. 

I'm not going to promote every book, course, podcast, t-shirt, etc.

I make my email address public and any legit request I get, I look into. I take the time to become familiar with the content and creator.

If I am moved by it, I'll respond.

If not, it goes into a folder for later. I'm busy and sometimes I’m not in the right mood.

I have three favorites that I wish to share with you now.

 ( In no particular order. Click on the titles to link you to the websites. )

The Age of The Child-- A novel by Kristen Tsetsi. 

My Instagram post.

I received a copy of this book and it grabbed my attention. 

The author-Kristen has crafted a story from the childfree perspective. The main character doesn't change her mind about motherhood after she becomes pregnant in a time where birth control is banned. Abortions are illegal. Miscarriages are investigated. It may be fiction but it sure sounds real, right?

The reader gets to see what happens to children born during such a time. It's the details, the dark humor, that I love best about this book.

It will kick you in the gut!  

I contacted Kristen to share with her how I felt about the story and the fate of the characters. We've since begun a fun collaboration on Instagram

She sends me questions about being childfree and I post my answers in an artistic screenshot. I posted one earlier in this blog. In case you missed it. 

Child Free Squad-Facebook group. 

Words from Child Free Squad founder-Jamie. 

"The Child Free Squad is an online community for Child Free people to connect and network. In this space I want to create the type of community that parents have with the "mom" groups but without the parental talk! Let's share laughs, advice, recipes, business information and more!!

Let's set ourselves apart and make this space different from all of the other groups out there and support the child free lifestyle!"

I discovered Child Free Squad (CFS) on Instagram. The posts made me laugh. I noticed that Jamie loves movies as much as I do so we started chatting.

What draws me to CFS is that it's real. Not some anonymous user behind a computer screen. There is a lot of positive energy and heart here.

This is important to bring to the CF community.

Yes, we love to vent and bitch about being looked down upon for not procreating. But we also need to celebrate our lives and successes and find constructive ways to fuel our rage. Hello, The Bitchy Bookkeeper. Ha!

You can find the group on Facebook. Follow the instructions on how to gain entry. I've been appointed a moderator so you can connect with me there as well.  

The Honest Uproar-podcast for the modern, childfree woman. 

" Modern, childfree women share their life stories and discuss important topics for the kidfree community."

Isabel-Founder & Firebrand (a term I've just discovered⬌a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action.)

I received an email asking if I'd be interested in being interviewed on The Honest Uproar podcast. I found it on Spotify and loved the vibe of the introductory episode. 

I ended up listening to all of them.  

Isabel interviews CF women from around the world. She has a warm interview style and each woman speaks so openly about their life. As I listened, I felt this awesome sense of connection. Even with diverse life circumstances, I could identify with each woman, including Isabel. 

Hearing how they navigate through life as CF women was enlightening. 

I'll post a link to my interview when it airs. Better yet, you can subscribe to the podcast and listen to all the awesome childfree women!


There you have it, Bitchy Readers. Three CF creations that resonate deeply with me. 

It's hard to pinpoint why certain things/people click with you and why certain things/people don't. Sometimes you get an inner nudge to check something out or contact a person. 

Ideas form and collaborations begin. Nothing forced, just natural. It's the greatest. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported The Bitchy Bookkeeper in any capacity over these past 12 months. 

Have a lovely day!


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper (neither of these things, but I know how to be, haha)
Almost an Author  (getting closer now!)
Former Fantastic Violinist (practicing again)