About Me

Hi there!

I’m LeNora Faye, creator of The Bitchy Bookkeeper, a childfree lifestyle brand. 

(On a sunset tour of the Grand Canyon)

Several years ago, while attending my grandma's funeral, a relative said to me: 

"Your time will come." 

They were referring to my inevitable venture into motherhood, not my eventual death. 

This bothered me for a long time because at that moment I didn't stand up for myself and say;
                            "I don't want children." 

In 2018, I had the urge to speak publicly about the choice I'd made to not have kids. I had no audience, no social media presence but I began The Bitchy Bookkeeper blog anyway. The title isn't a personal description. The name appeared in my head and it made me laugh. Plus, it's memorable. 

Enroute to an Elton John concert.

At present, the brand is ever-expanding. With the release of Childfree Journals and the creation of the Childfree Girls web series, I've opened up the Bitchy blog for guest posts to feature other childfree individuals.

If you wish to submit your story, feel free to email: