Guest Appearances

Girlfriend, We Need to Talk-hosted by Leana Delle
Are people who don’t have children selfish? Do they have something against kids? Are they destined for a lifetime of regret? LeNora Faye and myself are all in on answering these questions and more.

The Honest Uproar-hosted by Isabel Firecracker
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In this episode of The Megaphone, it is our pleasure to have LeNora as our guest host. LeNora speaks from her experience about how childfree people break the expectation most parents have for their offspring to "do great things," since we are not parents nor we want to become parents. Instead, she says, find inspiration and do great things yourself.

Special episode featuring Childfree Girls on the Honest Uproar (available on all podcast apps)
I invited two of the three Founding Non-Mothers of Childfree Girls (I'm the other 1/3!) to come and have a chat with me about this AWESOME new collaboration that we have been working on together! Join us as we talk about what Childfree Girls has meant to us, why we do it, and where do we want to take it. We also talk about The Big Bang Theory's appalling finale and how the media's got to step up their game and have their CF characters STAY TRUE TO THEMSELVES (dammit!).

First podcast appearance on The Honest Uproar
LeNora Faye is funny, loud, unapologetic and the guest of The Honest Uproar on its latest episode. We talk about her brainchild, The Bitchy Bookkeeper, a brand designed to support and entertain the childfree by choice community. We also talk about being pro-choice, religion, politics, traveling, and, of course, we talk about being Childfree.
Want to seriously girl crush on Lenora's personality? Click Play! <3

Funky Thinkers - hosted by Jon Senior
This podcast is a fun gameshow style conversation where you pick images that reveal questions and you're awarded points for fun, which leads to playoff rounds. I ended up with top points on my solo appearance and then appeared with my childfree co-hosts on the show to battle it out. Fun, funky conversations ensued! 

Email: info at lenorafaye dot com to book LeNora on your podcast or web series. 

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