Monday, July 23, 2018

Shopping Spree For the Soul


Yesterday, I traded in my CX-5 for a boat and a Captain and was ferried around the lake. It was a splendid afternoon of sunshine and gentle waves.

This particular lake is a popular house-boating destination.

The small city nearby has a cute little mall similar to the one I grew up shopping in. I've been driving through this city for 12 years, always en route to somewhere else.

Last summer, I wandered through the mall and spotted a rack of clothing with rhinestones.

Like a moth to a bright light....

I don't know why I said that, I’m afraid of moths.

I spent an hour in that shop. Everything fit, the styles were unique and the quality, fantastic.
The price tag, well, I was smitten with the pieces I had picked out so I didn't panic over the price.

Now, every time I drive through, I stop in and each time I find something awesome. 

               flannel dress with pockets!

Two days ago, I went in to have a look and found a cute prairie skirt and a summer dress perfect for boating in.

I mentioned to the lady behind the counter how much I enjoyed this store and she turned out to be the owner. She has been in business for 27 years and is thinking of retiring.

I told her how I love the clothing and how I always, without fail, get asked
 "Where did you get that?"

She thanked me and said it was nice to hear.

I've written in a previous post, 20 & Money, about my mindless shopping and how I lived by the quantity over quality motto.

I’ve learned that it doesn't pay to buy cheap cheese or bacon. That goes straight from the shopping cart into my garbage bin. 

Clothing, same thing, except I donate that.

These last 14 months, I have been on a sabbatical. This has been my time to check in with myself, to reevaluate my dreams, goals, lifestyle, etc.

Basically, I've been asking myself " Am I using my time and resources for the betterment of my self and humanity?"

The first road trip of the sabbatical was to an artistic little town that has been a place of great inspiration to me for about 10 years now. 

 (You may notice that I don’t say the names of the places I visit, and I won’t, unless it’s San Francisco. Most of these places are not well known and my little secret.)

I spent a week here, walking around, dining out and shopping. 

This community has no franchises, it thrives on independent businesses. 

I bought home decor, clothing, books, a thumb piano...

I had a blast. 

I remembered how I used to visit this place during my 20’s and wishing I didn’t owe so much money on my credit cards from all the crappy stuff I had bought and didn’t even use.

Now, I was free to make purchases if I felt inspired to. 

At the end of that week, as I was packing up, I met the owners of the vacation rental I was using. They were happy to hear that I had enjoyed my visit and mentioned how tourism has contributed so much to the local economy.

I continued to travel, spending long stretches of time in my other favorite communities and exploring new ones.

I discovered more independent shops and markets, selecting an item here and there that jumped out at me.

I bought a pendant carved from shed moose antler. It hangs on my wall in the dining nook. 

The artist is a lovely man. 

The decor around my house, the clothing in my closets, reminds me of the experiences I’ve been lucky to be having.

That saying how every dollar you spend is a vote...

I’m finally beginning to understand.

My current rule for retail shopping is if I see it and truly love it, and I have nothing else like it, I can buy it. 

As long as I can meet all of my financial obligations and it benefits local independent shops as much as possible. 

With all of my travels these last 14 months, I still have, use and adore every purchase I have made.

Aside from the $73 salad lunch I had in Vegas. For some reason, I have buyer’s remorse on that one. 


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