Friday, July 13, 2018

In the beginning, I created this blog

I took this photo from my kitchen balcony. 

I recently moved into a lovely townhouse with four bay windows and I am so enamored with the place that I don't want to leave it. 

Did you ever have those fantasies as a child where you live alone and make your own decisions and have everything that you could possibly want and have no one around to bother you?

Since age 8!

I moved out 10 years later, a month after graduation and never looked back. 

I am 35 years old.  I've never been married and have chosen a childfree lifestyle. 

 In case you wonder WTF is wrong with me.....


Sure, I can't fit my forehead and both boobs in a selfie, but you gotta work with what "God" gave you. 


I have been a very ambitious soul all of my life. I studied classical piano and violin from a young age and by the time I was 15, I began teaching full time. 

I went on to have a career as a violinist and teacher and then by the age of 26, I was exhausted.

So I put the violin down, began exploring my sexuality and partied for a few years. 

 All the while learning how to run a business, learning how NOT to run a business and getting really good at managing money. 

I also discovered that while money cannot buy you happiness, it sure is fucking awesome to have. 

So, why am I blogging?

To share my life stories and encourage you to go after the amazing life you actually want. 

I love to hear of people's real-life stories about success and the journey they took to get there, and while I have not yet reached my goal of being an established author, I have succeeded and failed enough to narrow down the essence of what I want out of life.

What am I going to be blogging about?

  • Money

I will share the money lessons I have learned over the years, the feelings I had while earning a lot and then being broke and dealing with debt and then starting over to then having enough money to take a year off and do whatever the hell I want. 

  • Celebrities
 I love celebrity gossip, it's mindlessly entertaining. Lately, I've started to pay closer attention to certain artists and entertainers who have carved out admirable career paths using their unique voice and style.  

Currently obsessing over Morgan Stewart of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills fame and Jared Kesso, star and creator of Letterkenny.  More details on those two in a later post. 

  • The childfree lifestyle

What the hell does that even mean and why am I promoting such a thing?

How dare I. 

I have too much to say to summarize that topic here, believe me, I will speak my mind on that. 
Violin recital Age 12

Who am I writing for?

I'm writing to myself, first and foremost.

To my 22-year-old self, ambitious as fuck and dealing with the death of my mother.  Living on my own and in the midst of my career as a violinist. Discovering the pitfalls of making money and spending it all. 

I'm writing to myself when I suddenly had no career and was sleeping on a friend's couch. 

I'm writing to myself when I learned how to save money and spend it on things that actually matter. 

I'm writing to myself now, secure enough to make decisions and not fear for my future, or close to anyway.

Everyone is welcome to read this blog of course. I turn no one away. 

The stories I share, the lifestyle I promote and tips I offer may not work for anyone raising children but you can pass my stories on to them when they are old enough. 😉

So what's in it for you if you read my blog?

Entertainment and encouragement, primarily. 

By now, you know the basics of living in the real world, but you want more right? 

If you are like me, your life doesn't look quite like the picture society paints as the road to success and happiness.  

Again, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm sharing my shit, I'm comfortable to do so at this point.

             My first white sand beach last year                                                

Life is fantastic and it's also hard at times. 

The highs and lows I have experienced, I didn't share much with anyone while I was going through them.  

Being very independent, I figured I could deal with it and keep going. And I did. 

So now I share with you, as you venture down a path of your own choosing.  

You have a dream. It's valid and important. 

Let's get to it, shall we? 


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper
Almost an Author
Former Fantastic violinist

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