Thursday, August 1, 2019

Happy International Childfree Day

Good Day, Bitchy Readers!

Happy International Childfree Day!  (August 1)

Did you know this was an actual day? This is relatively new info to me as well. 

It seems only fitting that I make the following two announcements. If you follow me on social media, they will come as no surprise. 


 (On Instagram @childfreejournals)

A new series of paperback journals designed for the childfree community. Volume 1 & 2 now available on most Amazon marketplaces. 

Just type The Bitchy Bookkeeper into the search bar. Be sure to select your country's Amazon page for best shipping rates. 

The link above takes you to my website where you can see more details about the journal. Amazon gives you a sneak peek inside as well. 

I've been journaling for 24 years now and own 21 journals. In the back of my mind, I always loved the idea of creating my own brand of journals but it seemed like a pipedream. 

June 23rd- I felt a bolt of inspiration. I didn't tell anyone. I was going to see if creating a childfree-themed journal was possible. 

3 weeks later, I had a proof copy in my hands. 

July 21st- Journal # 1 became available on Amazon and started selling. Journal 2 was published a few days later. 

August 1- I've had a handful of messages from women who are loving their new journals!

Journal # 3 is in production right now. 

Covers 1 & 2 make me laugh. The invoice fine print!!

Volume 2-dedicated to all the childfree women I’ve met in real life and online. 


139 lined pages with watermark, for your thoughts, rants, and dreams. 

11 pages with unique quotes about being childfree. Each volume has a different set of quotes. 

I share 11 personal stories to entertain you throughout the journal as well. Each volume as different stories.


A new vlog for the childfree community. The first episode airs on YouTube August 11th.

CHILDFREE GIRLS YouTube  —Episodes will be posted as of Aug 11th.


Isabel (Colombia) 
Kristen (USA)
LeNora (Canada)

All of this has been the result of 18 hour-days for the month of July. And a year’s worth of little things that seemed questionable at the time.

So, keep dreaming big, Bitchy Readers. Don’t discount the small steps. It will make sense later why you even bothered.

Have a lovely day.

LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Actually an Author (Yay I can say this now!)
Former Fantastic Violinist