Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kid free travel and accommodations. Check!

 I am ultra passionate about hotel suites with king beds.

I aspire to be wealthy so I can enjoy hotels even more than I do now. Comfy beds, marble bathrooms, world-class views, room service. I go for the hotels that offer kid-free floors and are pet free.

The heritage house I stayed in this week is for adults only. 

I’m curled up in a king bed right now, in my hotel room with a view in one of my favorite places. I’ve been watching reruns of Sex and the City on Cosmo TV.

The 4 gals are lamenting about being 35+ and still single. No kids. 

I’m 35 and single and childfree. And I think it’s so great. So I want to throw a pillow at the TV because these characters are ridiculous. 

I’m a Miranda/Charlotte. 

I was up very late last night, working on my website. I had a plan for today that I rearranged once I woke up mid-morning.  I made it downstairs to the new Italian restaurant attached to the hotel, just in time to get breakfast before the menu switched over. 

Bacon, eggs, potato rosti and arugula with sliced avocado. Oh and sourdough toast. Took me an hour to eat. 

Then I went back to my hotel room and wrote for a couple hours. I wasn’t happy with what was spewing from my fingers and so I walked around the town, window shopping and taking photos of whatever caught my attention.

Had to pick up some souvenirs for my nephews, of course. 

Back in March, I took my two nephews on a weekend getaway. So I shared a hotel room with two kids. As always, I gave warning—
“You pee on the seat, you clean it up!”

One of the many great things about being an aunt is that kids generally behave better than if I were their parent. But even then, one brother has to piss off the other so I had to break up a minor fight in the parking lot. 

The hotel was a hit. I had to forgo my usual suite with a king bed because there wasn’t a sofa bed available. So I settled for a two queen room.  The 12-year-old decided he wanted to sleep in the armchair and ottoman. So the 8-year-old chose his bed to jump on. 

No jumping on auntie’s bed because she likes everything neat and clean. 

Normally once I get into my room, I putter around and set up my stuff the way I want. 

Well, now I had two kids who suddenly needed me to help them with everything. Tablets had to be set up with wifi. Bags had to be stored, snacks distributed, cartoon channel found, chargers unraveled and plugged in. 

Everybody good? OK. I’m going to unpack and wash my face. 

It was a lot of fun hanging out with them for the weekend. We explored West Ed mall, went swimming, played glow in the dark mini golf and had lazy evenings in the hotel room watching movies and silly cartoons. 

I enjoyed it. 

But as I sit on the king bed in an organized and clean room with a pee free toilet seat, I know my preference.

I travel solo on purpose. 

I’m wrapping up this road trip in a few days. I’ve been away longer than I’ve lived in the townhouse I moved into in May. 

 I will attempt to settle into a routine in the city and prepare to hibernate for winter. 

My nephews are scheduled to come visit me in a week’s time.  They probably like the fact that they get their own bathroom-but they still have to clean up the seat. 



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