Monday, September 10, 2018

Kathy Griffin-Lessons From Famous People Part 4

This post will be relevant today and a year from now. 

I'm writing this in response to the news of the most powerful man in television stepping down from his position after more sexual misconduct allegations were made against him. 

The photo at the top is a screenshot I took from a twitter post from Kathy Griffin, famous comedienne. 

Kathy has had a very long career, usually bit parts here and there in movies and TV and worked her way up the ladder as a comedienne. She has made decisions that have hurt her career ( that photo of her with a bloody, severed Donald Trump head ) and has come back to live another day. 

She tends to be reviled but has made millions of dollars doing her thing anyway. 

And she has saved a lot of those millions. 

Because today, she is speaking out against the most powerful man in television and telling the world what really goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. 

She is risking her career that she has spent decades building. 

But, she doesn't have to worry about paying the mortgage- she bought her house with cash. 

She doesn't have to keep silent about misconduct because she isn't relying on anyone to pay for her. 

I believe so strongly in financial freedom.

Especially as a woman. 

There was a very brief time during my relationship where I was being looked after. I lived in his house, he paid for most things and I was just starting a new job. 

It was comfortable and nice to have someone there to cushion me, but at the same time, I felt vulnerable. I felt like at any moment, he could change his mind.

And so I made sure I had my own cash. My own vehicle. My own everything. 

Eventually, I knew the relationship had run its course.  Emotionally, it took a long time to get over.  Financially, I was fine and could live on my own.

Money cannot buy happiness but it gives me flexibility. 

Because of it, I don't settle. I have options. 

I don't have to stay in something because it's my only hope. 

I feel the most powerful when I have options. 

I feel the most powerful when I can take moment, look at all perspectives and say Yes or No. 

There is no fear of losing. 

And I'm a nicer person.

So everybody wins. Ha!

Have a lovely day.


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