Monday, October 15, 2018

The legacy guilt trip for non parents.

“What kind of legacy can you possibly leave behind, if you don’t have kids?”    

“Having children was the single greatest thing I have ever done. That will be my legacy.”

Non-parents hear this sentiment all the time. Usually made by well-meaning friends and family. 

Other times, it’s made with such fanatical fervor by a defensive parent that you can practically feel your ovaries being twisted until you agree to have kids.

Jane Austen never had children and her novels are still selling and inspiring hit movies. 
She also died in 1817.

Many people have kids. Very few people create something original that goes on to inspire generations. 

“But what if you gave birth to someone who goes on to change the world? Do you want to deny the world ?”

I’ve had someone say that to me. More than once. 

Why can’t I be the person who changes the world or at least creates something that inspires change? 

I’m only 35 and have a lot of creative endeavors I want to pursue. I cannot say what my legacy will be, yet.

I’ve always gone after what I want in life. Regardless of how impossible it may seem.

 What I have or don’t have, speaks for itself

Have a lovely day.


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