Monday, April 1, 2019

Childfree Excitement in the Air

Hello, Bitchy Readers.

There is something hopeful about Spring. More daylight, the birds singing. Coming out of hibernation. Shedding the winter wardrobe and window shopping for summer sandals.

The landscapers are out today. Clearing away the dead leaves and winter sludge. All weekend, people were washing and vacuuming out their vehicles. I cleaned out my SUV last Friday. It didn't take very long, perks of being childfree.

Being open to new opportunities while working towards a specific goal is on my mind today. A year ago, I began taking a continuing education course to upgrade my bookkeeping skills. I also decided to move.

There was a level of uncertainty as to how the year would unfold. I look back now and think, why did I worry? The year was full of adventure. Lots of road trips. School gave me the challenge I needed. I moved into this lovely townhouse that I love living in.

The thought of having the same routine and life year after year holds no appeal. Yes, there are certain constants that are important. Maintaining good health. Having a place to call home. Who wants to move every year?

Reaching new levels in life requires letting go of certain thoughts. Even people. What you pay attention to is going to determine your experience. Not everyone is going to understand or offer the support you need. That's OK. 

Inspiration on what to do next happens when you are open to receiving it. The right people, the right time, the right resources will show up. 

Waking up in the morning and adjusting your attitude is a good place to start. You may not wake up happy at first. But take a look around. Find something that makes you smile. Start from there and carry on with your dreams. 

Have a lovely day.


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