Monday, March 25, 2019

Consistent Childfree Communication

Hello, Dear Bitchy Readers.

Spring is here. Yay! The snow has melted in my part of the world for the time being. However, the weather can change at any moment. I'm lucky if the cherry blossoms come out by May.

I've had my IUD for a full month now. Constant cramping. Not a fan. But I need to stick it out. I've had some minor skin breakouts but I have a good skin care routine as prescribed by my dermatologist.

My experiment with social media is ever evolving. During the FB/Insta blackout, I discovered Pinterest. I'm working on various childfree boards for my Insta-memes and blog posts. 

When I began this blog last July, I didn't have a big plan. I just started writing. 
The biggest lesson I've learned so far-- consistency is key. I've lost momentum before because I didn't keep up with publishing or writing every day. Sometimes an article isn’t ready. Sometimes a blog post needs an extra bit of oomph.

Rewriting isn't fun but it's necessary. 

I needed to have another way to get creative on the days I wasn't ready to publish articles. Creating
 memes for Instagram has offered a fun way to keep the momentum going.

I use quotes from my previous blog posts or a thought that I turn into pretty word art. This can inspire a longer article or blog post and keeps me motivated to write. 

Last week, I wrote an article about how I'm taking care of my future selfSomeone commented on how I seem dedicated to the childfree cause. I am dedicated. I'm not talking about being childfree for the hell of it.

The more I connect with others and hear their stories, the more I'm compelled to share my experiences.

As with anything, sometimes you question why you make the effort. But Life gives you moments and signs of encouragement. Like when I get messages from people who've been inspired by something I've shared. 

Up until now, my social media experience has been lackluster. The endless stream of baby announcements and family photos. I want to see something more. I want to see other people living different lives that speak to me. The childfree community offers this. So many are working on their fitness, traveling, writing, in committed relationships. Being loving aunts and uncles while enjoying their freedom. 

There are older childfree people online as well. These individuals share their knowledge about navigating the golden years without children.  

I intend on documenting my childfree life as a way to help the younger generations. My triumphs and struggles. The things I'm learning. I'm learning how glad I am that I realized I didn't want kids. Once I became an aunt at 23 I got to see a closeup of parenthood. I have friends with kids. I like playing the role of "fun adult" in kids lives. The daily life of a parent, however? No thank you. 

At some point, you become confident in your choice to be childfree. I'm 36. I don't look at this age as "OMG 40 is just around the corner".  I've lived equal parts child and equal parts adult. Looking back at my 18-year-old self, despite leaving home to go to college, I was still a child. 

I know that parents like to talk about the joys of seeing their child grow up and flourish. It's not a guarantee that children will bring you an amount of joy that surpasses the pain. I've seen both sides. I've caused both sides as a child myself. It's one of the many reasons why I don't have an interest in being a parent. Not even a step parent. 

This also means that I don't engage in relationships with anyone who has or wants children. 

Another topic for another day.

For now, I shall blanket the internet with Bitchy Bookkeeper memes.


Have a lovely day.


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