Thursday, April 11, 2019

Confidently Childfree

Good day, Bitchy Readers.

Random acts of kindness to yourself. What are your thoughts? 

Being childfree doesn’t mean your life is leisure 24/7. Whether you are focusing on your fitness, a business, or working extra hours to afford a dream trip, there are moments when you need a time out. 

I love going to the movie theater for an escape. 

Or, on a sunny day, I will take a drive to the mountains. A playlist of my favorite songs and a London fog latte. 

I’m taking some professional development courses right now. One of them is kicking my ass. Yesterday morning, I had the urge to go to the nail salon. Long overdue for a mani/pedi but this was low on my list of priorities. I had an exam to finish and a blog to work on. 

I had to remind myself that I have the freedom to drop everything and go to the nail salon on a Wednesday morning. I chose this life, I should enjoy it. 

At the salon, I struck up a conversation with the woman next to me getting a pedicure. We were discussing our traveling preferences and I mentioned that I travel alone. She didn’t bat an eye when I spoke of being childfree by choice. 

Our conversation progressed to politics as we are having an election where I live. We laughed at how neither of us enjoys talking politics. But as we were sitting in massage chairs getting our toes painted, it seemed like a safe place to share our views. It was a lovely conversation overall.

When I left the salon, I felt uplifted and energized. Bright pink toes and sparkly fingernails will do that. But what struck me the most was how normal and easy it was to say “I’m childfree” and not feel defensive about it. 

Then the unthinkable happened. I made an Instagram video. Omg! I’m not a fan of selfies so making a video is beyond my comfort zone but I found it quite therapeutic. 

It’s 7 minutes, you can listen to while you work. I share my experience gaining confidence and inner peace with being childfree. 

The response has been cool and encouraging so I’ll make another one this week. I’m a natural “talker”, I just don’t like watching myself. It’s an experiment. Pushing past boundaries. 

Building confidence in any area of your life is important. When it comes to not having children, confidence helps deal with the naysayers. 

Whether by choice or circumstance, know that you are making the most of your life and abilities. Even if it’s for a moment. You can build on that moment and turn it into 5 minutes. Day in, day out, finding moments of inner peace. 

Embrace your life and your choices. People will feel your confidence.

Have a lovely day.


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
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