Monday, August 27, 2018

When I Win the Lottery


There are two nuggets of wisdom that I discovered in my early 20’s. 

1-Never be financially dependent on someone else.

2-Don't wait until you win the lottery to live how you really want to.

#1 has never felt like an option for me (to be dependent on someone to pay my bills), despite being born a female who was brought up in a religion where getting married and raising babies takes precedence over career aspirations. 

I can’t remember the first time I bought a lottery ticket. It certainly wasn’t when I was 19 and living alone in my first apartment, eating canned tuna with ranch salad dressing and driving a 1988 Toyota Tercel.

Funny childhood memory...

I was about 7 years old and so excited one day because my friend and her parents were coming to visit us for a weekend. 

Then my parents got a phone call. My friend wouldn’t be coming after all.

“Their car engine is broken,” my dad said.

I didn’t know what a car engine was. I thought it was the hood ornament that you would see on certain cars back in the ’70s and ’80s.

That didn’t seem like such a big deal to fix. Some tape or glue maybe.

I mentioned this to my dad and he explained that engines cost a lot of money.

I thought to myself -why didn’t my friend’s parents have enough money to fix their car engine? 

I felt so disappointed. 

      Hood ornament-what I used to think was an engine.

Life is freakin’ expensive, even if you don’t have fancy taste.  

I love the amenities that come with living in a big city. I also love to live alone and I need at least 1400 square feet to myself. 

Therefore, I live in a big city in the Prairies and not on the West Coast like I would prefer. I visit there every chance I get, and stay in lovely vacation rentals and play out that lifestyle fantasy for sure. 

But I get more out of my daily life, living in my current city with the money that I do have. 

Like having a vehicle. I’m not into public transportation unless I’m visiting San Francisco. 

I live in the suburbs and like to drive. I also like having a garage. 
 Hail storm in July,, my new Mazda was safe in my garage!

I’ve lived without a vehicle, I’ve lived with roommates. I’ve lived with a boyfriend, I’ve worked for years at my own business and for someone else. 

I’ve lived a combination of many experiences, some out of necessity-hence roommates, and some out of curiosity-hence boyfriend. 

So I’ve decided, when I win the lottery I am going to live alone in a house the reminds me of San Francisco. I’m going to drive a fun vehicle with premium leather interior, a moonroof and monster sound system. 

I’m going to spend my days writing and creating content for a blog. I am also going to take road trips around the country whenever I feel like it.

I’m going to spend quality time with my two nephews, having adventures and also lazy days.

 I’m going to donate food and clothing to various local shelters. 

I’m going to explore what makes me passionate and what makes me smile and figure out a way to entertain a small portion of society.

Oh, wait...

That’s how I live now. 

I think I’ll go buy a lottery ticket anyway, who knows..then I can pay someone to write this blog for me.


Have a wonderful day!


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Almost an Author 
Former Fantastic Violinist 

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