Thursday, August 30, 2018

Keeping up with the bookcases

How is it possible that I feel so out of date when I set up my laptop to write?

I've decided to bite the bullet and invest in an iPad, just not this very second. I don’t make decisions without overthinking and researching first.

 Especially when it comes to spending money. 

I ask myself “how much can I get for my dollar?”

I had this awesome floor to ceiling built-in bookcase that displayed all of my journals and favorite books. It was my happy spot in the house.

So when I decided to move to my current place, I spent a month trying to decide what kind of bookshelf to get.

I really wanted one of those cube bookcases. But once I actually moved in, I saw that the design of the cube bookcase was too bulky for the layout of the house.

And I wanted shelving on multiple floors and in multiple rooms.

So I went shopping again at all the stores, looking for an alternative. 

Then it occurred to me..who was gonna carry this bulky package to the car, up the multiple staircases and put the shelves together?

Oh, that’s right...


                                      Clip from the Bitchy Bookkeeper YouTube channel

Perks of being a strong, independent woman, I get to do it all myself.


So there I am in the stores, lifting up display shelves like Wonder Woman to see which design will work for me.

Another point...

This shelf would not be the star....I wanted something simple to display my many journals and books and quirky shoe-shaped piggy banks and small musical instruments and the LEGO toys that my nephews like to leave behind.

Of course, I found the perfect bookcase online in the middle of the night.

I ordered 4.

And now I have bookcases in my bedroom, writing room, kitchen and living room. 

Simple, functional - 4 for the price of one cube bookcase.

I was so happy and I’m still satisfied with that purchase. I don’t even notice the shelves. I notice all the meaningful items that are displayed. 

                                               My current outdoor office while on vacation 

Did I really just make this blog post about shopping for bookshelves? 

Hey, this is my blog and I write about money and how I spend it so why not?

My thought process behind spending money has evolved over 35 years.

If I see something I want, I take a moment. I try it on. I see if it meets my needs in a way that nothing else I already have does.

Do I LOVE it?

Yes? Ok, it’s mine.

If it’s a ‘ya it’s cute’, I don’t buy it. 

I apply this to everything. Food, decor, vehicles, furniture, lovers....haha.

I’ve never purchased a lover in my life but my time is also currency. I am mindful to spend my time in a way that matters to me, including WHO I spend that time with.

If you are just going to complain about everything wrong in your life, I’m not really interested in spending the weekend with you. 

If you are actively seeking solutions for a better life, then yes, come on over.

I believe that every moment, every dollar matters. I can use both as tools to create the life I want. 

Now I just need to learn how to overthink a little less...

Otherwise, I’m going to delete this entire post and start all over again and it’s pushing noon already.

Enjoy your day!


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Almost an Author
Former Fantastic Violinist 

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