Monday, January 13, 2020

Seeking Childfree Voices

HAPPY 2020, Bitchy Readers! 

I feel a deep sense of relief. 2019 was the most emotionally challenging year I've had in a long time. By comparison, 2020 already feels like the best party ever. Ha! 

I've received a lot of emails from mommy bloggers who obviously have no idea what this blog is about. They keep pitching me ideas like "how to survive the holidays with young children without going batshit crazy!"

One mom pitched me ideas on what to do when you have two or three hours away from your kids. (This is what being childfree means to parents.)

I now have a ready-made email that I send in response to such requests:

 " Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, your content is not relevant to my readers as they have chosen NOT to have children."

Each mom responds: "Thank you for letting me know."

I suppose they see the word "child" in "childfree" and assume my blog is about motherhood???

Anyhow, all of this got me to thinking about opening up my platform to others who wish to speak about their childfree experience. Not everyone wants to have their own blog and writing can feel intimidating. 

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It only feels right, as I build The Bitchy Bookkeeper into a recognized childfree brand, that I give space to other voices.

I also extend the invitation to anyone who has wanted children but cannot have them or has changed their mind about wanting them. Uplifting stories of how you are designing your life without children.

Perhaps you are a parent who felt pressured into having kids.

Posts can be anonymous or not. No need to be a professional writer.  The intent is to open the doors of expression. 

Contrary to the name, the Bitchy Bookkeeper isn't a mean brand. The point is to be entertaining and bring positive awareness to the childfree community. 

If you are happily childfree, on the fence, an antinatalist with heart, or turning tragedy into triumph, your submissions are welcome. 

I'm not looking for hate speech against children or parents. 

I mean yes, I detest the sound of crying babies. I rarely believe the fluffy, smiling social media posts of picture-perfect families. But, there are plenty of places on the internet for you to complain about that. This blog isn't one of them. 

The end game: content that demonstrates living a satisfying life without birthing/raising children. 

Submissions can be emailed to 

info at lenorafaye dot com   

Up next, the first guest post! 

Chat soon, 

LeNora Faye
The Bitchy Bookkeeper
Co-host of Childfree Girls
Author of Childfree Journals

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