Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I Was Born to Talk-Just Ask My Brother

Hello, Bitchy Readers!

January 30-is a day of raising awareness about mental illness here in Canada. It's sponsored by telecom company. Celebrities, politicians and everyday people share their stories to help remove the stigma that surrounds mental illness. 

While I don't have a mental illness, I have benefited from professional counseling in the past, and I think therapy is a useful tool.

Talking is a useful tool.

Six months ago, I began brainstorming how I could put my chatty personality to good use. 

Thus, the Bitchy Bookkeeper blog was born. 

A few months later, I discovered a way to write for a bigger audience on another website. 

Writing seemed like an odd choice but considering that I love to do most things on my own, this is a perfect way to share my experiences without having to leave my house. During the warm months, I can travel in solitude and still "talk" to people.

Now, there is "talking" and then there is "saying something". I really don't want to be a person who is talking just to hear the sound of her own voice. 

I have something to say. I have something that is important to me that I wish to share with humanity. 

I realized  that I could use my time and resources to create my own platform.

There are days when I struggle to get my thoughts down. Last week, for another website, I couldn’t bring myself to publish my work. I was overthinking it. 

Writing for someone else comes with guidelines and rules-which is fine because I aim to become a powerful writer, but it takes time to develop that skill. 

Having my own blog helps me practice. I can also keep this blog accessible to as many people as possible. 

The topic of childfree/childless by choice has opened up an opportunity for me. While I don’t struggle with this decision, it bothered me that no one speaks openly about not wanting kids. 

Now, through this blog and beyond with social media, I’m connecting with many others who either live this way or are thinking about it. 

It’s crazy awesome. 

I feel inspired to write more about my experiences and explore creative ways to share with others that life is rewarding without having kids. 

My own life is teaching me that. 

Not that challenges don’t happen. I still have to show up every day with a focused attitude and take care of myself and do good work. I’m happy to do it. 

I shall continue to talk, I shall continue to share and I’m here to hear what you have to say about life so far. 

Have a lovely day.


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Almost an Author 
Former Fantastic Violinist 

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