Monday, January 14, 2019

A Moment in the Mountains

Hi there, Bitchy Readers.

Have you ever had a day that just feels right? Without a lot of fanfare, perhaps you spend the day alone doing something you really enjoy, instead trying to solve the world’s problems. 

I took a day trip to the mountains for some winter photos and for the sheer pleasure of driving. All sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. I explored some side roads I had never driven before and even went on a small hike in my high heel winter combat boots. 

I followed the snowy trail, not sure where it was going. I was nervous as it was very high up. The valley was just a stumble and fall away with no railings. The views were amazing though, so I kept walking. I had the trail to myself, perks of visiting on a Monday. 

I watched the sun set behind the mountains. 

There are many ways to experience joy in life. People talk about lasting fulfillment and the dangers of chasing after fleeting fun. 

As I stood on the trail, a thought ran across my brain.

“If not now, when?”

I don’t know what my inner dialogue was referring to because all day I had been enjoying the drive and scenery and pizza at my favorite tavern so I wasn’t in a state of overthinking. 

Given that I've had a four year plan which involves everything I find myself doing right now, I suspect this was my moment of clarity. 

On the side of a mountain, watching the sunset and realizing that I may as well live out my dream right now and see where 2019 takes me. 

My dad tells this story of how he wanted to learn how to play the cello after attending my orchestra concerts for years. He told my mom how he was going to learn once he retired. She told him “No, you’re going to learn it right now so you can play well by the time you retire.”

So he took her advice and with a bit of help from me, since I could play beginner level cello, he began practicing. My mother would listen to him practice every evening. 

My dad is going to retire in a year or so and my mother has been gone for 14 years. Had he waited, she would have never heard him play. 

I’m not a super outdoorsy girl, but I love the beauty of nature. I felt as though the mountains were hugging me. In a gentle way. Not in an avalanche kind of way. Sometimes when I’m driving through certain parts, I think of how easily one could crumble on top of me. 

Tomorrow will be a day of action-of writing and challenging myself to do better with it. 

But today, Bitchy Readers, was freakin amazing.

Have a lovely evening


LeNora Faye
Bitchy Bookkeeper 
Almost an Author
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